About Us

San Antonio Cabinets San Antonio Cabinets was established in 1952 as San Antonio Mill. Located in Palo Alto, we serve the needs of fine peninsula construction and remodeling projects with our craftsman quality cabinets.

Our talented team produces both classic and contemporary styles to suit your design needs. We work with all types of material, from the traditional American woods to those less common, unique materials originating from worldwide locations.

We apply exacting standards in all of our projects to ensure that the raw materials, the hardware and the finished product are representative of our best work.

Sunset Magazine, Architectural Digest, California Home and Design, have each featured homes showcasing our work in their pages throughout the years. When it comes to your project, our primary goal is to help make your vision a reality. We treat each of our clients with courtesy and respect. Our team of professional craftsmen are dedicated to providing personalized service, the highest quality products, and ensuring that San Antonio Cabinets always delivers on its commitment to excellence.

Almost 20 years ago, a young John Martinez began working at San Antonio Cabinets, learning the techniques and skills that today, as a craftsman and business owner, he has mastered. Beyond simply learning through apprenticeship, over the years Johnny also has participated in special seminars and coursework to further enhance his knowledge and repertoire, including the latest concepts such as eco-friendly and sustainable options for the cabinetry business.

Johnny is well-known for his dedication to precision work, his straight-forward business manner, his vision and problem-solving talents, and overall understanding of how best to meet the needs of his customers.

The product of our work
is a personal signature, and we always sign with excellence.