San Antonio Cabinets At San Antonio Cabinets, we work with a number of specialty suppliers in order to obtain the quality of material that your job requires. For over 50 years, every project undertaken has embodied our motto of delivering excellence. We've built our business on providing only a premier quality product and that starts with how we source the raw materials.

We adhere to rigid quality control inspections of all materials and never accept deliveries that do not meet our exacting standards.

Selecting Your Hardwood

There are a few considerations when selecting wood for your project, starting with the decision to select either Stain-grade or Paint-grade wood. Simply stated, the Stain-grade wood has to adhere to the highest overall standards and in all cases, be as flawless as possible. Paint-grade, on the other hand, doesn't need to demonstrate its beauty in any other way than in its precision which will allow a smooth perfection to the ultimate finish. Paint-grade allows a number of efficient wood choices, including the use of Poplar, Paint-grade Maple, or MDF which is a high-performance composite.

If your project hasn't already specified a hardwood material, we are always able discuss the strengths and benefits of various wood choices in order to assist you in the selection process. If you require unusual, specialty woods or veneers, we deal with select suppliers who can source the best available product as your job requires. Materials available include traditional choices of Oak, Cherry, Maple, Mahoghany, Alder, Pine, Walnut, Ash, Birch, and Hickory, as well as new and exotic choices of Bamboo, Teak, Wenge, Zebrawood, Padauk, Obeche, and Rosewood, and accent materials such Aromatic Cedar, Butcher Block, Live Edge, and Beadboard, to name a few.

At San Antonio Cabinets, we will never recommend a wood selection that will not provide you the quality and durability you require.

Selecting Your Hardware

Hardware includes a range of functional items that fall into the categories of Decorative and Specialty. Decorative hardware includes selections such as drawer and door pulls and handles, while Specialty options include everything from hidden or exposed door hinges, specialty cabinet pullouts, and drawer slides which feature soft-close. We also offer hinges with soft-close as well.

San Antonio Cabinets focuses exclusively on the category of Specialty hardware and we have expertise in the latest available selections that can enhance the function, form, and usability of your cabinetry. We are innovators in making the most of the space you have and can consult on a variety of options including special, custom designed pullout features for pantries and appliances, recycling and rubbish organization, and undersink options to name a few. When you are looking for a creative solution, we are here to help.

Selecting Your Finish

At San Antonio Cabinets, we focus on producing the highest quality cabinetry possible. We will consult with you to discuss your vision of the finished product, the technique of finish you may require, and to ensure that your project is completed and finished per design, will provide our premier partner best suited for your job.

Besides the choice of a Stained versus Painted finish, some of the finishing techniques you may be interested in selecting include Antiquing, Distressing, Crackled paint, Milk paint, Lacquer, Rub-thru, and Glaze or multiple glaze on stain or paint. Different finish techniques and applications are recommended for different woods and of course, the various cabinetry environments. We work exclusively with top-tier finishing partners who through the years, have proven their commitment to achieving the best finished work of the utmost quality.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Options

San Antonio Cabinets is an environmentally conscious firm. As part of this commitment, our shop utilizes energy efficiency standards for our equipment and we participate in resource recovery and recycling programs. In addtion, our suppliers include innovators and leaders in environmental sustainability and provide a selection of products that are produced using formaldehyde-free techniques.

If you would like to discuss designing your project using "green materials" such as those Sustainably-harvested selections from eco-friendly sources, we are trained and ready to consult with you on the various options available.

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